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  • Ingredients:

    1)     220g wholemeal flour organic.

    2)     220g rolled oats

    3)     Two teaspoons of salt

    4)     150g sunflower seeds

    5)     75g sesame seeds.

    6)     75g 75 grams linseeds

    7)     40g pumpkin seeds I use locally grown available at Simply foods.

    8)     700 mls warm water

    9)     One tablespoon of olive oil.

  • Instructions:

    Heat the oven to 130C.  Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

    Add the water and oil and let it stand for five minutes. 

    It should be the consistency of porridge and doesn’t look very promising at this stage. I line four large trays with baking paper and spread it to the point where you see the odd bit of baking paper.  It does hold together. 

    Bake at 130C for two hours check it after one and a half hours to see if it is ready. 

    Cut with a knife and place in an air tight container. 

    Goes well with hummus or dips or cheese.