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  • Shake It Weight Loss Programme

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    DURATION: 8 weeks

    COST: $90

  • Why Shake It?

    • Professional advice to overcome obstacles to weight loss
    • Tailored to your individual requirements
    • Simple to follow and convenient.
    • Meal planners
    • Notebook to record progress.
  • Why Shake It with Julia?

    • We will also be doing small Journey Processes to install positive messages.
    • Plus your weight and blood pressure will be checked at each class.
    • There will be an exchange of ideas and we will do a short exercise as part of the course so bring walking shoes and wear comfortable clothing.
  • Additional Requirements

    You will also have to purchase the following:

    • a book with lots of recipes in it.
    • Ketostix to measure fat burning.
    • great tasting supplements to make it easy.
    • shakes, soups, and bars in a range of flavours that may also help reduce hunger, improve body composition, and assist in weight loss.

    NOTE: course must be paid for in full BEFORE the first session.

  • * I came to Julia after being under my doctor’s care for years with a huge weight problem. After seeing Julia for Journey Work and under her loving, positive guidance I have lost 20 kg and have been able to halve my medications.

    Thank you so much Julia for your wonderful support and encouragement and never judging me for my slip ups. I would highly recommend this programme for anyone wanting to lose weight, and who wants joy back in their lives.


  • *DISCLAIMER - Specific results expressed herein are NOT typical. Individual results will vary.