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  • I have planted out my potatoes in tyres and they are all up and looking healthy. As they grow don't forget to place another tyre on top and more soil, this way they will send out side shoots and produce a bumper crop.

    My beans are already in and I have planted out zucchinis and pumpkins which I grew from seed.

    If you want to save space, plant out sunflowers which you have grown from seed and beans underneath and once the beans are up they will grow up the sunflowers. Then use the zucchinis as ground cover.

    I have started planting my peppers and aubgeine in pots inside as in Marlborough they need a good head start in order for them to produce. Feed them well with worm wees from your worm farm.

    Upcoming Events:

    • I will be giving a cooking demo at farmers market with my mum on the 18th, starting time 1:30 will be using herbs.
    • Paper plus window display of our book Young Gardeners Growing Chefs.
    • Garden Marlborough - come to the fair and come see our stall, lots of herbs and plants for sale and our book.

    Many regards Josh