• Serving the Natural Health needs of Marlborough residents for over 25 years!

  • General Health & Well-being

  • What to Expect at a Consultation

    Diagnostic skills of a Medical Herbalist like myself resemble those of a General Practitioner but as well as assessing symptoms the herbalist will look beyond to evaluate the whole person.

    At the first consultation, which takes one hour, an in-depth personal history is taken. This includes assessments of all aspects of health including nutrition and lifestyle. Along with a physical examination, a Blood Pressure check is done and zinc levels are tested.

    With my wealth of experience I know what can be safely prescribed and if necessary can get blood tests done and provide referrals to specialists or other practitioners.

    I continue to keep up with the latest research and regularly attend conferences both here and internationally. All the medications prescribed are practitioner range products - pure, high potency. So you know when you are using a practitioner range product they have been well tested and trialled and will work far more efficiently. So you end out needing to take less with no side-effects.

    Herbal Medicine and nutrients can be taken safely alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor.

  • Who Can Benefit

    Anyone who has a health problem. I see babies with eczema, reflux, and ear infections, teenagers with acne and hormonal problems to the elderly with arthritis.

    Some of the common things I see are colds, coughs and chest infections, depression and anxiety, headaches, migraines.  Also a lot of teenagers with glandular fever and tiredness.

  • Consultation Fees (NZ Dollars)

    TYPE DURATION COST per Session
    Adult Consultation
    Initial Session60 minutes $65
    Follow up Session30 minutes$50
    Adult Consultation (for overseas clients)
    Initial Session60 minutes $70
    Follow up Session30 minutes$60
    Child Consultation
    School Age30-60 minutes$45
    Pre-School30 minutes$35
    Baby30 minutes$35
    Journey Work Process
    Adults (overseas clients)2 hours$150
    Adults2 hours$100
    Teenagers1½ hours$60
    Children1 hour$45
  • For online consultations, your payment must be received at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled consultation. 
    Otherwise your consultation will be cancelled and will need to be rescheduled for a later date.

    Prepay for Your Consultation