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  • Thank you Julia, I feel incredible today! WOW what a difference you have made. I'm sleeping through the night. I haven't slept walked and are no longer eating in the night.

    I feel energized, alert, and all of the above. Simply amazing. I can't remember the last time I felt so good, After your detox programme and being gluten free I have no bloating or sore stomach.

    Thank you so much Julia for all your wonderful support.


  • I started seeing Julia 18 months ago when I was still having severe abdominal pain and my partner and I could not conceive. I had asked my GP to refer me to a Gynaecologist multiple times but they would not do this for me. Julia referred me to a Gynaecologist in Wellington.

    I had extensive endometriosis and scaring from my last operation which was removed in this operation. Since having this operation and working with Julia on my diet, taking the nutrients and working on my well being, we then found out that we would be expecting our first child in September 2018.

    I feel that if I hadn't been told about Julia from a friend who she had helped I wouldn't have received the help that I needed. Julia also helped my partner with eczema with great results.

    Thank you so much Julia for everything you have done for me, you have had so much time for me and I really appreciate your help.


  • I would highly recommend Julia for all your health problems. Julia is an excellent practitioner and has turned my health around. My family and I use Julia as our first choice of medical treatment.


  • Julia has given by husband and I huge joy. We now have a beautiful baby after 9 years of fertility problems. I will definitely be coming back to Blenheim to try for our second baby.


  • Was great to see you and I honestly couldn't thank you enough for your help with my thyroid and health as a whole. I feel like I know my body well enough to kind of speak to it internally but I really did lose that a bit when our boy came along.

    You've helped me make that connection again and I feel I can again have faith in the choices I make to feel well and good 😊 We leave on our adventure next week but will be sure to book an appt when we know we are heading past. Thanks again Julia🙌 P.S the best thing ever was blowing my doctor away with clear bloods 😁 Love your work!!


  • After doing the Journey Work with Julia I am now headache free after 8 years of trying to get help for constant headaches.

    Thank you Julia from the bottom of my heart.

    I would recommend Journey Work for any long standing health issues.


  • If you have tried lots of creams unsuccessfully I would highly recommend Julia for clearing your child’s eczema.

    What I liked is that she looked for the cause of the problem.


  • Julia has been a kind, caring and supportive practitioner and has helped me and my children for many years.

    I highly recommend her for all your family’s health problems.


  • Julia’s Herbal Health Cold Sore & Mouth Ulcer Remedy is absolutely effective.


  • ...for Julia’s Vegetarian Cooking Class

  • I really enjoyed Julia’s Vegetarian Cooking class it was fun, informative and we learnt heaps and we had a delicious dinner afterwards. I loved it so much I am enrolling for her winter class.


  • “Julia’s Vegetarian classes were so informative and I loved sharing ideas as we sat around her table and enjoyed a delicious dinner that we had cooked. Thank you so much.


  • Julia’s Vegetarian Cooking class is so much fun and I learned heaps about what herbs to use in different dishes. I have loved it so much I have done three of her classes and would love to do more. I would highly recommend her classes.


  • I really enjoyed learning to cook Vegetarian Food and it was so lovely for me to have a fun and informative night out with my daughter. It is a great night to do with your daughter. I think my husband will come next time.