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  • Weight Management

  • The Shake It Weight Loss Programme

    I have a wonderful Shake It programme to help you lose weight and feel good about yourself.

    The Shake It diet restricts sugars and high GI (glycaemic index) carbohydrates. The shakes provide lean protein. There is scientific research to show these dietary changes may improve fat burning, weight loss and help maintain lean body composition.

    A low GI diet can help keep blood sugar low which can improve fat burning and reduce fat storage. Lean protein can help to protect muscle mass. Healthy fats may help improve fat burning.

    I prescribe a whole programme tailored to your needs along with exercise, blood pressure checks and mineral checks. Plus lots of exciting recipes and fun ideas and we do a small journey process to change the messages you are giving yourself around food.

  • How does Shake It work?

    On the course you will be:

    • Weighted in each time.
    • Have a nutritional talk.
    • Learn some wonderful healthy recipes to take home.
    • Have some really positive reframe messages installed.
    • We will go for a gentle walk and each time your blood pressure will be taken. It is all about putting the spring and fun back into your life. Now is the chance to change your health around so you can enjoy a long and happy life with your family and friends.

    The Programme runs for eight weeks and the cost is:
    $160.00 which includes booklets, recipes, snacks, weigh in and blood pressure check.

    The course must be paid for at the start.

  • Consultation Fees (NZ Dollars)

    TYPE DURATION COST per Session
    Adult Consultation
    Initial Session60 minutes $65
    Follow up Session30 minutes$50
    Adult Consultation (for overseas clients)
    Initial Session60 minutes $70
    Follow up Session30 minutes$60
    Child Consultation
    School Age30-60 minutes$45
    Pre-School30 minutes$35
    Baby30 minutes$35
    Journey Work Process
    Adults (overseas clients)2 hours$150
    Adults2 hours$100
    Teenagers1½ hours$60
    Children1 hour$45
  • For online consultations, your payment must be received at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled consultation. 
    Otherwise your consultation will be cancelled and will need to be rescheduled for a later date.

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