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  • Joshua's Garden was the brainchild of Joshua Marshall who has a long association with Julia's Herbal Health - all his life in fact!

    Joshua is the son of Julia Davidson and he explains "since my Mum has always had a big garden I was introduced to gardening when I was very young. Because I liked it so much, Mum gave me my own plot that I got to take care of myself".

    When Joshua was nine years old (in 2010), he was the runner up in the New Zealand Gardener of the Year Awards - in recognition for growing his vegetables and selflessly giving them away each night to the elderly neighbours in his street.

    Joshua says "I was very happy to receive the award. It was a great surprise and encouraged me to keep going with my vegetables".

    Joshua enjoys sharing his ideas and helping others with gardening, vegetables and food – and the 'Joshua's Garden' section of this website offers him a space for him to do so.

    And now... over to Joshua!