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  • Preparing for Christmas

    10th December, 2017 | News
  • Preparing for Christmas

    At this time of the year everyone is more stressed as they prepare for Christmas.
    My advice is to keep it simple and here are some tips:

    1)  It is not about the gift it is about sharing family time.

    2)  Here are some ways that you can cut back the cost: Place everyone’s name in in a hat and draw out a name to go with each family member and just buy for one person a gift and set a price that is affordable to everyone.

    3)  Or everyone buys one small gift or something you have made even better and place the gifts in a basket.  Give each person a card with a number on it and number two goes first.  They choose a gift and unwrap it and number three has the choice of choosing a gift or taking number two’s gift. If they choose number twos gift, number two gets the chance to choose another gift.  It is loads of fun.  We played it at the final cooking class.

    My best gift last year was a jar that my daughter gave me with a ribbon around it.  In the jar were quotes and positive comments about me so that I could choose one from the jar every day.  What a wonderful way to start my day knowing how much I was loved and what I needed to do to nurture myself for the day.

    4)  Enjoy a shared Christmas meal so that one person is not left with all the work.  Keep it simple so you can have time for fun. E.g. a Cold Ham, or cooked salmon with salad and new potatoes and my desert suggestion below.

    5)  Play is important so today I allow myself to do something fun.  My inner child teaches me how to relax and just enjoy life.  We buy one board game a year and play board games at Christmas. 
    6)  Christmas is a time where we do over indulge and I keep in mind my future health depends on my now-choices.  With so much fresh seasonal yummy fruit and vegetables around include plenty into your programme.

    7)  We have so much beauty all around us get out in nature and go for a walk with family.  I promise you this will restore vitality.  After a busy year it is time to have some good quality family time.  A picnic at the river or beach or a walk in the bush. The best things in life are free.