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  • 5 ways to beat the winter slump

    14th August, 2017 | News
  • 5 ways to beat the winter slump

    I hope that you are all keeping warm this winter and enjoying the clear blue skies after a frosty start.

    Winter is a time when we tend to hibernate and withdrawal from many activities.  So here are some ways we can shift this slump and get motivated.

    1) Start your day with some exercise to help get the body and mind moving.  This can be a gentle yoga class, some gentle stretching exercises at home, a walk.  Direct sunlight can assist the production of serotonin, our feel good, happy, calm and content hormone.  Early morning is the best time to establish this impact on mood and energy.  I get up early and walk the Wither Hills with my friend Jo and as we come back down we pass a group of 80 year old just starting off, which shows that if you keep up your exercise you can be fit well in to your 80’s 90’s.  As we come back down the sun is rising and we embrace the beautiful day.

    2) Start your day with a nourishing breakfast as this fuels your body for the day - for example a bowl of porridge – the Scots have it right.  Sprinkle some almonds on top a little honey and fresh fruit.  Or an omelette with two eggs mixed thrown in a hot buttered pan.  Cook up some spinach and mushrooms and some herb yeast salt and roll up.

    3) Vitamin D.  This important vitamin has many functions in the body from supporting our immune system function and fighting disease.  Studies show that is also can help with mood.  Lots of New Zealanders have low vitamin D and it is so important to get it checked.  Make an appointment with me and come and get your levels checked.  Vitamin D also helps with depression.

    4) If you are lacking in energy or feel tired or burnt out then it is time to come and see me and get your nutrient levels checked.  Don’t fall victim to winter chills. A lingering effect of winter chills is a build-up of mucus and phlegm in the airways.

    Julia’s Herbal Health Cold and Flu Remedy is a 100% natural, organic and contains powerful herbs that will heal and sooth a sore throat, loosens mucus and gets rid of phlegm.  Echinacea for immune support, Elderflower (diaphoretic properties), Horehound, for that irritated cough and ginger to help reduce fever. 

    Julia’s Immune tonic is a wonderful preventative for all the family against coughs colds and flu and is suitable for all the family. 

    I created this cold and flu remedy and immune tonic to help my clients and family through winter.  With over 30 years’ experience I am receiving excellent results.  Clients from all around New Zealand purchase my tonics as they are delighted to move through winter healthy and happy.  Easily taken and extracted in apple juice.  It is taken orally and is suitable for babies through to the elderly.  Drop dosage for babies. 

    Available on line at Julia’s Herbal Health, direct from the clinic, U.F.S. and Springlands Pharmacies.

    5)  Give quality time to yourself, relax in a bath with lavender oil and Epson salts.  These will relax your tired muscles and mind.  Or enjoy my hearty winter soup and seed crackers with a good book in front of a cosy fire.